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The USA Green Card Office is the only official organization to apply for the American DV Lottery.
In addition to your registration into the lottery, we will assist you and give you all you need, and do everything in our power, to help you get rewarded with the much-coveted Green Card.

With our office, you will be able to register 365 days of the year, in 17 different languages. Each application and photo will be reviewed by our immigration experts and you will have the possibility to have your application be automatically re-submitted each year, until you WIN! We can guarantee you that, with our help, you will get qualified entry into the lottery.

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What is the Green Card Lottery?

The Green Card Lottery was created by the US government and State Department to diversify the population of the United States of America. This is accomplished by granting 50.000 green cards each year to citizens hailing from countries that do not usually send many immigrants to the United States. Please click here to see if your home country is eligible.

In addition to this geographical requirement, you must also have at least a high school education (i.e. twelve years in secondary education) or have held a job for longer than two years; of course, children under the age of having a high school qualification do not need to meet this specific requirement.

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Benefits With our Office

The USAGCL Office offers a number of services that are simply not available when you apply through the US State Department. These services include a free photo preparation and review, year-round; you should know that, indeed, a photo which does not meet the specified requirements for the Green Card Lottery (i.e. a regular passport picture) is the main reason why the applications of a great number of persons get rejected every year.

We also give you a guaranteed application to the lottery, our expert support online available at all times, all year round, and the ability to easily update your contact info at any time should you need or wish to do so. You can e-file your application in 15 minutes and beat the infamous October rush: indeed, as the lottery opens during this month, the vast majority of applicants will start the process in October, which can be a stressful time. By applying for a Green Card with us, you guarantee yourself some peace of mind, as you should not have any issues meeting deadlines by being able to prepare well in advance for the lottery. We even offer a lifetime entry, which means that we will automatically re-apply your entry every year until you win, with no need to fill in a new form every year; you only have to update your information if you need to do so, and that will be it!

Services USA Green Card Lottery Office US State Department
Free photo preparation and processing services YES NO
Registration 365 days a year YES NO
Send photos by post mail YES NO
Online expert support service YES NO
Update contact info at any time YES NO


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Maya Image What an incredible opportunity! It was so nice to have the peace of mind to know that our application was always done properly and always submitted on time. We didn’t win right away, but when the day finally came it was the most amazing feeling. My family and I now live in the United States and I could not be happier with the service and the results !” Maya Image
Maya, Argentina

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DB QQ It had always been my dream to live in New York, and that dream was made possible with the amazing help of the USAGCL Office. I was definitely sceptical at first, and certainly didn’t expect to win just the second year I applied! Everything was made so easy with the help of the USAGCL Office, and all of my questions were answered throughout the process. DB QC
Antti, Finland


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The Green Card Lottery is open only during the month of October, meaning there is a rush of applications during that time. If you want to beat the rush and have the freedom to apply at any time of the year, the USAGCL Office can give you that opportunity. The results and winners of every year’s lottery are announced during the following month of May - the next winner could be you!

Why You Should Enter the Green Card Lottery

Each year, many hopeful individuals are denied the opportunity to live and work in the United States because the demand for Green Cards is often simply higher than the offer. The selection process can also make it even more difficult for certain individuals to even be considered for a Green Card. The USAGCL Office gives people who might otherwise miss out on the chance to obtain their Green Cards, sometimes faster than they ever thought. With the USAGCL Office, applying is made as easy and thorough as possible, and it is easy to qualify.

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