We are a team of professionals dedicated to helping people just like you start a new life in the United States. Every member of our team is committed to your success, from the telephone service representatives to the management team. Typically, the US green card lottery is only available during a very specific time of the year. But our phone lines open months before hand, and we’ll be up until the minute applications cease being accepted to help you get a chance at becoming an American citizen.


What we do

Simple Application Procedure

There are a few key reasons why you’d want to choose us to help you apply for the green card lottery. For starters, filling out an application is extremely easy. In as little as ten minutes, you can have your application completed. This can be done on your break from work, or at night before you go to bed.

Let Us Do the Work

You won’t have to rush to get your application in on time. No matter what time of year you apply, we’ll keep your application on file and submit it to the US government on your behalf. This means that no matter what your schedule is, you won’t find yourself missing deadlines.

An Eye for Detail

When you submit your application, you’ll be disqualified if your photos don’t meet the standards set by the US government. In fact, poor photos are the main reason that applications get rejected. Our staff are specially trained on the regulations regarding photographs, and we’ll make sure that yours are up to standards before submitting your application.

Two for One

We know all the tricks that can improve your chances of winning the green card lottery. For example, we can submit two applications. One in your name, and one in your spouse. At minimum, this will double your chances of winning the green card lottery.

A Lasting Benefit

Even if you don’t win the first year, we’re able to continually re-submit your application year after year. Every October, you’ll have a whole new chance to win the green card lottery.



Since 1996, we’ve been helping people just like you get into the green card lottery. We believe that everyone deserves a chance, and we’re doing our part to celebrate diversity in our great country. If you’re looking to start a new life, we promise to do everything in our power to help you meet that goal.